A transportation alternative, a bicycling expander, 

    a social and community benefit.


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LAND ZEPPELIN manufactures and distributes the LAND ZEPPELIN enclosure for traditional bicycles.


LAND ZEPPELIN is a new bicycle product that extends and expands the world of bicycling for commuters, students, sports cyclists, and persons without access to motorized transportation.

"Be a part of the change you wish to see."   ~Ghandi

Join the LAND ZEPPELIN community by purchasing one of our products.  It will extend and enhance your bicycling experience, help reduce automotive emissions and traffic, and make you a healthier individual.


Support the LAND ZEPPELIN mission by making a contribution to the LAND ZEPPELIN FOUNDATION.  Your gift will help provide the LZ Enclosure to needy and deserving individuals who depend on their bicycles for transportation to work year round and in all kinds of weather conditions.